Sanofi Pasteur Pregnancy Registries

Welcome to the Sanofi Pasteur Pregnancy Registries

The Sanofi Pasteur Pregnancy Registries are an organized, systematic collection of data on pregnant women vaccinated with one or more of the following vaccines:

The Sanofi Pasteur pregnancy registries are part of the companies passive surveillance programs designed to collect and evaluate all voluntary reports of pregnancy exposure to Menactra®, Adacel®, Fluzone® Quadrivalent, MenQuadfi®, Dengvaxia® and Flublok® Quadrivalent vaccines as well as maternal, pregnancy, obstetrical, neonatal and infant outcomes to monitor for potential safety events that may arise in this population.

The goal of these registries is to gather information on the safety of exposure to these vaccines during pregnancy, as current human data is limited. Sanofi Pasteur Inc. encourages the reporting of all occurrences of vaccination during pregnancy and any temporally related adverse events to the appropriate vaccine pregnancy registry, even if reported elsewhere. Reports of pregnancy exposure will be accepted from all reporters such as health care professionals, family members and friends of the pregnant women, as well as the pregnant women directly. If a pregnancy exposure occurred to more than one of the listed vaccines, please select one registry and list both vaccines within the pregnancy exposure report form.

To learn more about our pregnancy registries and how to report vaccination during pregnancy, please select the registry page of interest.

For any pregnancy exposure with a vaccine not listed above, please refer to the manufacturer information for the preferred reporting approach.

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MAT-GLB-2101698 v2, Approved September 2021